Broken Hearts

By Ray Delgado

“O’ Lord when will this madness stop?!” Is what my heart screamed out when I first saw the tragic events that unfolded yesterday in the small town of Newtown Connecticut.

How can anyone do this to children? Murder in itself is horrible, but to do this to innocent and I mean INNOCENT little children is unfathomable! My prayers go out to all in that small community of Newtown.

In my forty years of life I have been to many funerals of friends and loved ones. From suicides, murders, car accidents, death due to alcohol and drugs and natural process of age. And to my shame I have some what become kind of numb in the last couple of years. I simply have a hard time crying lately, but this horrendous act of evil that happened in this town broke me down and stirred up all kinds of emotions from weeping to anger.

“What is it going to take before You put an end to all this Lord?” was the second thing that came to my heart. I couldn’t help but to cry.

As a believer in Jesus Christ I know that we live in a fallen and sinful world and things like this happen everyday around the world, but the intensity and magnitude that these sort of things are happening just boggles my mind. I grew up in the 70’s & 80’s and stuff like this was just unheard of.

I reiterate, stuff like this happens all over the world everyday, but now it is getting very close to home and reality is sinking in that this world is becoming increasingly wicked by the day and no one is immune to senseless tragedies like this.

Now more than ever do we need Jesus.

Are schools have become killing fields to maniacs with no conscience . Are shopping malls have become target ranges for ruthless criminals. And our movie theaters have become real life comic books for mentally unstable individuals living out a sick and twisted fantasy. Truly a world gone mad!

We cannot let our faith falter now even as these days are wicked. But we must earnestly pray not only for our nation, but the world. We know this wickedness will not end until our Lord comes back and puts an end to it, in fact, it most likely will escalate.

So this is our chance to be the light the Lord calls us to be. To comfort that neighbor. To lend an ear to that person. To show love in this unforgiving world that we all share. We need to get over the belief that kindness, compassion and giving should only happen in the months of November and December. Why can’t we display these godly attributes year round?

Nothing I say or anybody else says will bring comfort to the grieving families of Newtown Connecticut, so I won’t even attempt to try, so all I will say is my heart breaks for the people that have to endure this hardship that has befallen them. And I can honestly say with all my heart and know for a fact as my eyes well up with tears, that there are twenty precious little faces that are staring right into the face of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords and are rejoicing at this very moment.

This ugly world is now a distant memory to these beautiful little ones. But the broken hearts on this earth remain.

I think I speak for everyone when I say our hearts go out to the hundreds and maybe even thousands of those directly affected by this and to all who were in some way emotionally broken over this, like myself. We pray Lord start the grieving and healing process and use this wicked act of brutality to glorify Your name and bring peace to the hearts of a broken and dying nation and world.


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